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Camouflages for non-premium tanks. Premium camouflages for premium vehicles that aren't currently selected. Bonds. Premium shells. The following will remain on the game account: The current amount of gold you have in the account. Premium days you may have left. Garage/port slots. Premium vehicles. Barracks slots (when applicable). Garage slots - On Topic Archive - World of Tanks official ... Garage slots - posted in On Topic Archive: Hi there, having just finished my 1k battles, I face a shortage of garage slots already (Chaffee, Churchill I,AMX 40, SU 85, Stug III G, Sexton II, T 28, Pz.IV.D already take the 8 free slots that I have) :| So, is there any part of the year WG will give garage slots for in game silver, or giveaways/competitions? New here anything to know about? :: World of Tanks Blitz ... Hi, I'm Lootron. i was looking for a tank game and saw this. Its literally the only tank game i could find so I was wondering everything about this game and anything to watch out for. I noticed it was free to play so I was wondering if it was one of those games that I pour money into. I really dont ...

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Dec 05, 2015 · Garage slot sale - posted in General Discussion: Dont know if this was already mentioned. But for everyone who doesnt want to miss out on a garage slot sale: there is a -50% sale right now on 10 slots. So 1.500 gold. Discount on garage slots?!?!?!?!?!? - World of Tanks Blitz Nov 29, 2015 · No garage slots foe me - not buying anything no time soon - tanks ain't worth getting anymore can't equip them - and I had 240 tanks that was robbed blind XXX_Corps, on 12 May 2017 - 06:13 AM, said: Wg is out of touch with the reality of the game it has created.

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All exterior paints, camouflage, inscriptions, emblems, etc except those currently equipped on premium tanks. The following will remain on the game account: The current amount of gold you have in the account. Premium days you have left. Personal reserves (boosters). Garage/port slots. Premium vehicles. Barracks slots. World of Tanks - Get Ready for Holiday Ops 2019! - Tracks Up All players will start off at Level I by default and will receive a gift: the Tier II German Premium light tank, the MKA. Each increase in level will bring additional rewards including discounts on tech tree tanks from Tier I to X, personal reserves, equipment and garage slots. I can’t find a vehicle in my garage in World of Tanks, my ...

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Original Post. Code: J1NXSUPPORTSTHEGRANDFINALS. This code will give your account 200 gold & a garage slot. The number of codes available or the time frame the code can be activated in are not known, so get yours while they last! How to blitz the opposition - World of Tanks: Blitz tips… World of Tanks: Blitz is full of realistic physics, but to keep it fun and accessible they've opted for a middle ground in terms of control, a mixture of track turning and a standard thumb-based touchscreen joypad.The answer is that you only start with a tiny number of garage slots to keep them in. Does the scavenger come with it's own garage slot? :: … World of Tanks Blitz.Все Обсуждения Скриншоты Иллюстрации Трансляции Видео Новости Руководства Обзоры. World of Tanks Blitz. Страница в магазине. Exterior Customization | General | Guide Every nation has a range of paints available for vehicle decoration. Paints can be applied to five vehicle parts—the hull, turret, suspension, gun and gun mantlet.